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Welcome to my Editorial Series & Features website. I’m Anna and I create, out of a strong photography base, editorial series and features. In my work I combine everything I love doing, photography, telling stories and cooking.
This website shows my available photography series and features for editorial use. But this website of course also gives you an impression of my work. 
All photography series and features on my website are created by me and completely my work (© Anna Rubingh) from photography with text* to styling and recipes (because besides photography I love cooking, I've been in love with photography as well as cooking ever since I was a small child, you can read more about me when you scroll down). My broad visual arts education and wide, varied experience as a creative professional have, together with my personal interests, given me the tools I need to combine and create the story I want to tell. All features come with texts  and recipes, so they are complete features. But if you are interested in just a single image, I would, of course, also love to hear from you.
If you are an editor and interested in one of my series or features please contact me by sending an email to info@annarubingh.com. I'm also available for different types of commissioned work that fit within my style, so feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you.
Are you just interested in one of my images as a company or as a private person, let me know by sending me an email.

You can find a selection of published work on the page Publications
You find my features and food features among others in Seasons Magazine (NL), Landleven (NL), Lantliv (Sweden),  The Simple Things (UK), Libelle Tuin&Zo (NL)  e.o.

*All texts at series and features on this website are just a summary. Features come with complete texts (about 750-1500 words depending on the feature), a description per image and recipes

Whenever somebody asks me what I do I answer, "I'm a photographer", which is true but maybe my work involves just a bit more than mere photography. I love creating, creating the whole picture and doing whatever it takes to get to create that image or tell that one story. Although I never like to over-style and do like to tell a true story. Using my camera as a sketchbook to tell the story I want to tell. I do not like to use more equipment than absolutely necessary giving me the utmost freedom to move around to capture those images that will tell that one story .
Ever since I graduated from the renowned ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem years ago I’ve been working as a creative professional. After my graduation I worked as a freelance (graphic) designer for various renowned international clothing brands like O’Neill Europe and Tommy Hilfiger amongst many others. In the meantime I studied photography at the Academy for Photography in Amsterdam giving me all the tools necessary to create the story I want to tell.
Because of my love for food and cooking I do a lot of stories that involve food or cooking. But what I like best is to combine a story with recipes, because that just tells that story from a different point of view. Besides my love for food and cooking I do like to work on different kinds of subjects; my work can either be a travel story, a story about someone interesting or someone's business or home. Often there is a form of sustainability in the subject I choose, especially if the subject is food related or if I do a series about a small business. I firmly believe that in order to have a healthy environment, we need to give more support to small, environmentally friendly local businesses and that those businesses need more media attention for a better, brighter future. Besides that, most of them do have nice and interesting stories to tell.
Most of my work has country living as a theme in one way or the other. So you could say that my work mostly evolves around a country life theme, in which I have created my own personal approach and style. 
I life in the Netherlands and work from my small farm in the countryside. I travel regularly and travelling for work is no problem at all.

I like getting my hands dirty; muddy from working in my veg patch or coloured purple from picking blackberries. I love wild flowers and gypsy horses, and caravans. Old farmhouses and traveling, harvesting letuce from my veg patch and baking cakes, or cooking coq au vin outside over a fire on a summer's evening. I like pretty dresses and stirdy muddy boots, and chickens. My old jeep and cooking in my farmhouse kitchen, growing veg and drinking black coffee. I like being outdoors all year round or indoors on wet late autumn afternoons near the fire in the woodburner with a slice of fresh home made carrot cake when dusk sets in. I like the woods and walking my dogs, the crisp air after the first frost or the smell of newly made hay on a hot summer's day. I love watching my just sown seeds grow into little veg and the smell of homemade soup from the kitchen. Pasta & red wine and freshly picked herbs. And I really love creating and telling stories & I love photography, always have.
​​​​​​​Besides a lifelong intense passion for photography, I’ve been in love with photography since I was 7 years old, fascinated by my father’s camera and nagging him about using it,  I “finally” got my first camera at the age of 7. I also have a passion for country life, the life I grew up in. Another thing I love doing is cooking. Cooking also is something I have loved doing ever since I was a young child, standing on a small stool in my mother’s farmhouse kitchen, first, even as a toddler, watching her cook, something she didn’t always appreciated me doing, and when I was just a bit older having a go at it myself, learning along the way. And meanwhile, in between all my childhood countryside, photography and cooking adventures, I did a lot drawing and I made stuff, all sorts of stuff, from different kind of crafts projects to clothes.
After having worked and studied in the city I moved back to the country where I now live in a farmhouse of my own with a few dogs, a small herd of gypsy horses and some chickens. And a veg patch of course from which I love to cook in my farmhouse kitchen, because what’s country living without your own veg patch and your own farmhouse kitchen. While working on my portfolio I ran a lifestyle & antiques shop working from both my countryside home and a beautiful countryside shop in a historic building a few villages down the road. That shop (both the online- as  the actual shop) caught the eye of various Dutch lifestyle magazines regularly and had fans and returning customers from all over the Netherlands and beyond.
The things I love doing actually haven’t changed that much since my childhood. I still love the country, having a veg patch and living in a farmhouse. I still love creating and still love photography and telling stories and I still love cooking. Besides that, I love to travel, and you've guessed right, I also loved travelling ever since I was a child. (my first long-from-home-travelling-around-trip was at the age of 7, going on trip for 6 weeks with my grandparents travelling with their small and cosy caravan through Scandinavia, which was truly a great adventure I will never forget)
To cut a long story short, I love creating and the process of getting there and have loved it for as long as I can remember, it's my way of life. In my work I’m doing all I can to combine the things I love to tell a true and passionate story.

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