A Nordic Spring, celebrating the arrival of spring the Nordic way
Photography & recipes: © Anna Rubingh
Gravlax, cured salmon, super easy to make!
Smörgåstårta, made with layers of bread, cream cheese, homemade gravlax salmon and beautifully decorated with fresh green herbs
Gubbröra, made of hard-boiled eggs, fresh herbs and anchovies
Nettle tart, nettles, fromage frais & cheese 
Beetroot salad, with capers, gerkins and a creme fraiche dressing
Råraka, crispy Swedish potato cakes, topped with sour cream and dill, topped with creme fraiche, homemade gravlax and dill
Lemon Kladdkaka, with merengue,  kladdkaka means messy cake, a sticky easy-to-make, zingy tart with (homemade) lemon curd

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