Photography, words & recipes: © Anna Rubingh 

When in September large amounts of walnuts fall from the big walnut tree in our yard, picking time starts. Walnuts are fantastic used fresh, but of course also perfect for storing for winter. Super versatile and healthy.
Walnuts are great for baking, but also fantastic in savoury dishes. You can use them as the main ingredient in a sweet tart or savoury sauce, both the white sauce with sour creme and the walnut sauce with pepper are fantastic and go well with pasta or grilled veg or meat.  Or use walnuts as a topping on either a cold or a warm salad. Walnut soda bread, with butter and fig jam, is super easy to put together and a real treat.
When you harvest walnuts, fallen fresh from the tree, it is important to dry them well. So spread them out in a thin layer in a box and let them dry in the sun or a dry place indoors so they don’t go mouldy. Properly dried, they will easily last through the winter.

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